Maurice Moore – Founder/CEO



Maurice Moore, a native of Wadesboro, NC, started his career as a child actor in Steven Spielberg's classic drama "The Color Purple."  Being blessed enough to be a part of such an historic film and work with such giants in the business is what gave Maurice the motivation to pursue a career in the film industry.  After graduating with a degree in Theater, Maurice has gone on to make a name for himself in almost every facet of filmmaking and television.  He's a Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, and Reality Show Creator, whose worked with a number of artists that's been instrumental to his success and growth.

Early in his career while living in Austin, Texas, Maurice first created JEMfire Entertainment, LLC. JEMfire Entertainment was primarily focused on developing talent and producing films. Also while in Austin, Maurice founded REELEYES Productions, LLC. REELEYES allowed local artists the structural freedom to create and develop their own works. Through REELEYES, Maurice wrote and shot his first short film called In One Lifetime. After that film he went on to produced and starred in the award winning short film Mind Reader 8.

Maurice was afforded several opportunities in the growing film market of Austin, TX. He worked with several acclaimed producers and directors both in front and behind the camera including Alan Parker in The Life of David Gale starring Kevin Spacey, Marcus Nispel in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, produced by Michael Bay, and Steve Mims in One Eye Peeled and Alan Ray in Deadland Dreaming, to name a few.


Once in Los Angeles, Maurice quickly found an opportunity and became Co-founder of F.L.O.a.T Films. His first fully developed Film Production Company. He wrote/produce/directed and even performs in several Award Winning films, including (The Savior, Inseparable Hearts, The Maid and Lovely).

Today Maurice is the CEO/FOUNDER of ANAIK FILMS. Through ANAIK FILMS Maurice has already produce and directed the critical acclaimed films REFLECTIONS, about a middle-aged body builder who is reflecting on the sacrifices he made to pursue his dream, COLLISION, the heartbreaking drama about two couples, who lives intersect to cause devastating events. In addition, Maurice recently wrapped the Feature Film SIXUFUS (Six of Us), which he produced and Directed. A Psychological Thriller about man with 6 different personalities who inherits a fortune from his father, while his Attorney Brother and his Aunt, who just happens to be the Mayor try to have him Committed or Killed in order to get the inheritance. As well as the dramatic love story HONEYMOON, about two people with personal disabilities who find each other at the perfect moment, which changes their lives forever. Which Maurice wrote/directed and produced.

As a screenwriter Maurice recently wrote the Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Feature KING OF THE WORLD for a major studio and is due to go in front of the camera in 2016. Currently Maurice is writing two other films for the studio. He has also been professional script doctor in Los Angeles since 2006.

Through ANAIK FILMS, Maurice has also developed ANAIK FILMS EUROPE, where he is working simultaneously with his filmmaking partners Alex and Frank Rios, producing films internationally in both Europe and here in the US.

There are a slew of other projects in development for ANAIK FILMS, including the feature film Founding Father, which Maurice will direct. The television Sitcom ALL MIXED UP as well as several REALITY SHOWS.