About us

Producer/Writer/Director Maurice Moore founded ANAIK FILMS in 2009 while working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. In its first three years, ANAILK FILMS developed and produced such films as “Three,” “Reflections,” “The Other Side,” “Kid of Earth” (directed by Frank Rios), and “So Close So Far,” (directed by Alex Rios).

 Now based in Austin, TX, ANAIK FILMS has put together an incredibly creative team and staff that has gone on to produce critically acclaimed films such as the gut-wrenching drama “Collisions,” the psychological thriller “Sixufus (Six of Us),” and, most recently, the passionate romantic/thriller “Honeymoon,” all directed by Maurice Moore.

 With the success of ANAIK FILMS, Maurice has been able to expand his vision to create ANAIK FILMS EUROPE, where he is working with his filmmaking partners, Alex and Frank Rios, simultaneously producing films internationally in both Europe and here in the US.

There are a slew of other projects in development for ANAIK FILMS, including the feature films “Founding Father,” “Vivian,” “The Situation Men,” “Mad Man,” “Victim,” “Smoking Mirror,” and “Last Bloodline,” among others, which Maurice will also direct.

On the television side of things, ANAIK FILMS Entertainment is set to produce the hilarious sitcom “All Mixed Up,” which is now underway and looking to be in homes next year. ANAIK FILMS Entertainment also has a number of reality shows that are set for production in early 2016… including the political series “State of the Union,” and a teen dating show called “Teen Fling.”

Meet the team

MAURICE MOORE    Producer/Director/Screenwriter/Founder/CEO

ALEX RIOS                 Director/DP/Editor/Designer

LARA SHAH               Production Liaison/Development Manager 

BOBBIE GRACE         VP of Development/Public Relations  

JESSIE GEORGE        Executive producer/VP of Business Affairs

MICHAEL D. BRYANT    Legal Affairs